"A communist is like a crocodile: when it opens its mouth you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you up."

Winston Churchill

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Bridegroom Speeches - Basic Tips

The bridegroom speech is very important in any wedding ceremony. When the bridegroom is going to give his speech he has to keep few things in his mind. If you keep these things in mind you can deliver a very good speech. Practice your speech well at home. Write it down on a sheet of paper and practice it in front of the mirror. You might be scared to give a public speech, if you have never given one before or are afraid of public speaking.

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Introductions: 6 Vital Strategies for Success

You’ve done all the hard work. You know your topic. You know your audience. Your words are precisely chosen and your delivery is practiced. You see your introducer walking up to the lectern, and you realize – “I have no idea who this person is!” As they give their introduction, it is clear they don’t know you, either.

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What Annoys Audiences About PowerPoint Presentations?

When you prepare to deliver your next PowerPoint presentation, your audience should be first on your list of considerations. Unfortunately, too many presenters annoy their audiences. An online survey of 688 people who regularly see PowerPoint presentations revealed the following top annoyances:

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What Do You Do With Those Pesky Hands?

"You guys are gonna love this!" Dan said, almost out of breath. "I just went down to make an announcement at the managers' meeting. I started out talking to them like I usually do: hands in pockets, legs crossed, leaning up against the wall. Then I remembered what we had just talked about regarding the power of body language.

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Что такое мультимедийная презентация?

Мультимедийные презентации могут иметь разные свойства и вид в зависимости от целей, которые необходимо достигнуть с использованием той или иной презентации. Например, презентация может рекламировать новый продукт компании или использоваться в образовательном процессе.

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7 советов по использованию зрительных образов в Ваших презентациях

До того, как появилась программа PowerPoint, менеджеры по продажам трудились и пытались создавать презентации, которые привлекают клиента, заставляют его интересоваться товаром и, в итоге, способствуют заключению договора. К сожалению, появление программы PowerPoint и других, аналогичных ей, в корне поменяло ситуацию. Менеджеры просто перестали думать своей головой и стали пользоваться богатым набором шаблонов, которые представлены в этом, безусловно полезным в умелых руках, пакете. И вместе с широким использованием слайдов во время презентаций распространились и одинаковые ошибки, которые стали допускать продавцы в своих выступлениях.

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Bad Opening Lines to Your Speech: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

You had me at hello. Imagine if you could deliver an opening to your presentation that was that effective. You can grab your audience with "hello" lines. But first you need to banish these disaster lines from the opening of your speech. Avoid these opening line mistakes in your presentation.

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When Barack Obama asked me what I do for a living a few weeks ago, I told him that I'm a public speaking trainer. "Great," he exclaimed. "Maybe you can help ME!" I just laughed (perhaps I should have asked for his card instead) and told him that he was the best speaker I had ever seen and that I was taking notes the entire time he spoke. He had just ignited a room of 120 supporters at a fundraiser in San Francisco with a stump speech that has fueled his momentum around the country. As Obama appears to be on the cusp of wrestling the nomination from Hillary, I thought I would share with you what I learned watching a true master speaker.

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Speak English Clearly and Grammatically, and Boost your Success!

Of course you speak English - who doesn't? But how well do you speak this international language? Are you clear, concise and grammatically correct? Do people talk about you and the things you say? And are they talking for the right reasons?

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13 правил для успешных ответов на вопросы из зала после презентации

Во время подготовки презентации попробуйте предугадать возможные вопросы слушателей и составьте на них ответы. Просто представьте себя сидящим в зале и отметьте места выступления, в которых у зрителя могут появиться сомнения, непонимание или, напротив, усилится интерес. Проанализируйте также свежие события или популярные аспекты обсуждений, связанные с тематикой Вашей презентации. Это поможет в ведении содержательной дискуссии после выступления.

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The Greatest Speech I Never Delivered

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