Bridegroom Speeches - Basic Tips

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Bridegroom Speeches-Basic Tips

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The bridegroom speech is very important in any wedding ceremony. When the bridegroom is going to give his speech he has to keep few things in his mind. If you keep these things in mind you can deliver a very good speech.

Thank all the people who have come to the wedding and who have made this day a wonderful day for the couple. Make a list of the people whom you want to thank in your speech. Do not give than yous to the wedding planners, cateres ect, you have paid for their services and you will just bore your guests with extra than yous. So avoid saying too many thanks. There is some very crucial points that you must include in your speech. It must include how you feel about the wedding, some kind words about your wife, and a joke o some type of humor should be used to prevent your guests from getting bored.

Practice your speech well at home. Write it down on a sheet of paper and practice it in front of the mirror. You might be scared to give a public speech, if you have never given one before or are afraid of public speaking.

Remember the bridegroom speech must be exceptional. You shouldn't feel nervous just because you are the most important person of the day. While giving a bridegroom speech, you may also experience wet sweaty hands. So place your hands behind your back. Fear of public speaking is one of the most powerful fears. Some people might not talk much in front of a crowd. They might not be able to enjoy their own wedding day. So practice it first in front of your close friends or family. Not the bride to be, this is suppose to be a surprise for her.

The bridegroom speech is the second speech given in the wedding reception. It is given after the father of the bride gives his speech. This speech can come either before the meal or after the meal depending upon the tradition of the family. This speech is followed by the best man's speech. If you are little bit nervous then you have to prepare yourself well in advance. Have confidence when you deliver your speech.

Here are Some great tips for you to keep in mind before you deliver your bridegroom speech:

  1. Keep your speech short. Limit your speech for maximum 8 minutes.
  2. Speak some positive points about the bride, flatter her.
  3. Make sure your speech so that it is appreciated by all the guests.
  4. The speech should be entertaining and must contain a few jokes or some humor to prevent people from getting too emotional.
  5. Use your own words and speak from your heart. Don't copy from the same words from the examples given online. You can include your own thoughts on marriage.
  6. Have good eye contact with your audience. Your opening lines should be extremely impressing. If you forget any of the points you can have a look at your notes. Otherwise do not read directly from your cards, it gives the impression that your words do not come from the heart. So in order to appear sincere try not to look at your notes.
  7. Make sure that your voice is clear and audible so everybody is able to listen and comprehend what you are telling them.

These tips should help you in creating great bridegroom speeches that everyone will remember for years to come.

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