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"After Metallica, sixty miles an hour won't do it anymore. It's 110 or nothing."

Lou Reed

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Bad Opening Lines to Your Speech: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

You had me at hello. Imagine if you could deliver an opening to your presentation that was that effective. You can grab your audience with "hello" lines. But first you need to banish these disaster lines from the opening of your speech. Avoid these opening line mistakes in your presentation.

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When Barack Obama asked me what I do for a living a few weeks ago, I told him that I'm a public speaking trainer. "Great," he exclaimed. "Maybe you can help ME!" I just laughed (perhaps I should have asked for his card instead) and told him that he was the best speaker I had ever seen and that I was taking notes the entire time he spoke. He had just ignited a room of 120 supporters at a fundraiser in San Francisco with a stump speech that has fueled his momentum around the country. As Obama appears to be on the cusp of wrestling the nomination from Hillary, I thought I would share with you what I learned watching a true master speaker.

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Speak English Clearly and Grammatically, and Boost your Success!

Of course you speak English - who doesn't? But how well do you speak this international language? Are you clear, concise and grammatically correct? Do people talk about you and the things you say? And are they talking for the right reasons?

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The Greatest Speech I Never Delivered

Цветовой круг - это вот так просто?

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